Revolutionize your entire process of running webinars. Connect it with dozens of sales, marketing, and project management activities. Use Zapier to integrate your ClickMeeting account with 1,500 possible applications and save your time like never before!

Forget about multiplying your work to promote your webinar and about hours spent on scheduling and running plenty of actions after the webinar is over.

With Zapier integration, you can automatically trigger a set of actions to get more people to join your webinar and follow them up after the event.

Here are some creative ways to use ClickMeeting with Zapier:

  • Creating a new event automatically launches its promotion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, and remarketing ads.
  • Every new webinar attendee will receive an e-mail with exclusive, valuable resources.
  • Every new webinar registrant will be automatically exported to your CRM account.

What’s even more exciting – you can make the most of integrating webinars with Zapier by creating YOUR OWN sequences of triggers and actions.

How does it work?

Create your account in Zapier.

Then, come back to your ClickMeeting account panel and go to your Account Settings.

Next, in your Zapier account, create a Zap with ClickMeeting. You will need to paste the API KEY there, and you will be sorted.

In the API tab, copy the API KEY for Zapier.

As soon as your ClickMeeting account is integrated with Zapier, you can:

create and configure Zaps from your Zapier Dashboard,

go to your Account Settings in ClickMeeting and find our Zap templates embedded in the Integrations tab.

Create your own Zap

Watch the video to learn how to set up and use the integration:

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