Impress your audience and make your events more effective by presenting a video content directly from YouTube.

YouTube enables to find and play any video content during the event without leaving the webinar room. You can also export your recorded webinar directly to your YouTube channel.

How does it work?

Select YouTube from the menu on the left in your webinar room and choose or search the movie you wish to play time to your audience – all in real time.


To enable exporting your recorded webinar directly to YouTube, log into Click  Meeting account and go to your Account Settings in the upper right corner of your account panel.

Enter the Integrations tab, choose YouTube integration and click Authorize. You’ll be asked to provide your YouTube credentials. Once you submit it, your integration will be enabled.

To export your recorded webinar, go to your Storage tab in your account panel and choose  Recordings.

Click Actions next to the recording you’d like to export and then click YouTube. Your file will be automatically exported to your YouTube channel.

Bear in mind that by default your recording will be published as a private video, not visible to your subscribers. To make it public, go to the Video Manager Tab in your YouTube account, and click the Lock icon by the video. Below the thumbnail you’ll find the Basic info on the uploaded video. This is where you can change it from private to public.

If you’re unable to integrate ClickMeeting with YouTube, it means you’re using the old version of your Google/Gmail account, and your YouTube channel is not active.

You’ll be asked to activate your YouTube channel. To learn how, visit the Google Help Center.

You can quickly show your audience video material without uploading it beforehand.

Your attendees will love more video sources!

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