Sell access to your webinars and make the payment process convenient for your audience.

Connect your paid account with PayU and let your customers buy tickets to your online events through online transfers, Blik, and MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards.

For now, this integration is available for Polish users only.

How does it work?

First, connect your paid ClickMeeting account with PayU. Next, schedule your event and choose the Paid access type. Set up an entrance fee, currency, and PayU as the payment method. Your paid webinar is all set!

To monitor your earnings and number of attendees, go to your scheduled event. Choose the Paid event tab. You can easily observe who did or didn’t pay for your event and how much money you have earned.

Additionally, you can confirm the attendees’ admittance manually, without the payment, by choosing Confirm beside the attendee’s name. Your earnings will automatically update when the payment is credited to your PayU account.

To learn more about integrating your ClickMeeting account with PayU,
visit our Help Center.

Now you can quickly sell access to your webinars

and monetize your expertise!

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