Connect your paid account with your PayPal and easily monetize your webinars.

With the integration, you can charge your attendees for selected events, and manage the payments from one place.

How does it work?

While scheduling the event you can choose a Paid access type and set a fee for your webinar.
After selecting the fee and the currency, you are ready to invite your attendees.

To monitor your earnings, and number of attendees, go to your created event. Choose Paid Event tab. Here you can easily observe which attendees have or have not paid for your event, and how much money you have earned.

Additionally, you can confirm admittance of the attendees manually, without the payment, by choosing Confirm besides the attendee’s name. Your earnings will automatically update when the payment will go through your PayPal account.

To learn more about integrating your ClickMeeting account with PayPal,
visit our Help Center.

Now you can quickly sell access to your webinars

and monetize your expertise!

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