Save time and effort by scheduling and running your events from Outlook.

Outlook is a convenient workspace for managing your email and setting up in-person meetings. Use the plug-in to create and host an event directly from your favourite email client.


How does it work?

Bear in mind that the plug-in works on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, and Outlook 2007-2010.

First, download the setup file.

It should run automatically. If it doesn’t, double-click the setup.exe file or right-click it and choose Open. Follow the pop-up instructions.

At the end of the installation, you’ll need to close and re-open Microsoft Outlook. As it re-opens, you’ll see that a ClickMeeting menu option has been added, along with a handy toolbar in the control ribbon.

You’ll be required to log in to your ClickMeeting account, so you’ll need your username or email address and your password.

After the one-time installation and login, the plug-in will be available anytime you use Outlook. (If you use more than one computer, you’ll need to repeat the installation on each of them).

Entering an ad hoc event from Outlook

If you have a permanent event room set up in ClickMeeting, you can access it with the Ad hoc button in the Outlook menu or toolbar.

If you haven’t set up a permanent event room, you’ll be prompted to do so.

Scheduling an event from Outlook

To schedule an event from Outlook, click Schedule Webinar. The following screen pops up:

Fill in the required fields, choosing a name, date, and time. Optionally, you can add a lobby message. Choose whether the event is free to all, password-protected, or token-protected.

Click the Create Webinar button and a new window will appear with all your event details.

Here you can:

  • Make changes by clicking the Edit this meeting button.
  • Prepare your event (upload presentation, videos, etc.) by clicking the Join meeting button and choosing the setup option.
  • Copy the Embed code to place the event on your website or blog.
  •  Click the links to Invite Presenters and Invite Participants.

Customize the invitations

While inviting presenters and participants, the system automatically creates an email with all the event details. You can enter email addresses into the To: and CC: fields as usual.

Customize the invitations, just as you would in an ordinary email. Add logo, text, images, links — whatever you wish.

Once finished, click the Send button. As recipients respond, your lists of attendees and presenters will be updated.

You’ll see the webinar in your Outlook Calendar. It is also available in your ClickMeeting dashboard.

You can also schedule your webinars directly from the Outlook Calendar. Simply click the right button on a particular date and fill in the required fields.

You can easily manage everything from one place!

Use the saved time for something else.

Questions? Just ask!

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