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Engage and educate your attendees effortlessly. Share your documents, presentations and spread sheets and more files.

Enrich your webinars with presentations, documents, spread sheets and much more to make your online events as much ‘live’ as possible. You will be able to create more collaborative environment during your webinars.

How does it work?

You can upload your documents and other files prior to your event or while you are preparing it. Simply select Presentation from the menu on the left in your webinar room.

You can now open the file you have already uploaded or upload a new one from your computer’s hard drive. Upload as many files as you need, but bear in mind that your storage space is limited depending on your ClickMeeting plan.

Also, please note that when you’re uploading a file via your webinar  room, its size cannot be larger than 50 MB.

All you need to do now is to select the file you want to open and you are ready to continue your presentation.

You can deliver the files that you want!

Keep your attendees always informed!

Questions? Just ask!

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