Create contact lists automatically. Infusionsoft will build and develop them with no effort on your side.

Infusionsoft will let you organize all the contacts and build them into well-segregated lists. Contact list building has never been easier! Integration collects valuable and easy-to-use data that will help you grow your business.


Automatically export attendee and webinar data into your Infusionsoft account. Your exported data will include the following information:

  • Who attended your webinar
  • The webinar they attended
  • The date of the webinar
  • Registered users – users who registered for your webinar but never attended.


Bear in mind that Infusionsoft integration is only available for Infusionsoft paid account holders.

How does it work?

Select Account Settings in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Select the Integrations tab. Choose Infusionsoft from the list of available integrations and click Authorize.

The authorization screen will pop up. You’ll be asked to provide your Infusionsoft login and password. Once you submit them, your account will be fully integrated with Infusionsoft.

When your event finishes, go to your Infusionsoft account. Notice that your event and attendee data has been automatically exported and sorted by the specific field.

  • Tag 1* (Registered) describes those, who have registered for your event, but haven’t attended it.
  • Tag 2* (Attended) describes those, who have registered and actually attended your event.

Benefit from the perfectly organized contact lists.

Adjust communication with your registrants!

Questions? Just ask!

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