Organize your contacts. HubSpot will build and develop your contact lists.

ClickMeeting automatically exports attendee and meeting data to your HubSpot account. Sort contact lists by meeting name or webinar room name.

How does it work?

Select Account Settings in the upper right corner of your account panel.

Enter the Integrations tab, choose HubSpot integration, click Authorize, and provide your credentials to connect with your HubSpot account. Once submitted, your integration will be ready.

Create an event with enabled registration and registrants will be automatically added to the Registered list in your HubSpot account.

When your event ends you will notice two additional lists:

  • Attended for those who participated in your event,
  • Registered not attended for those who completed the registration form but did not participate in your event.

Just bear in mind that event without registration will create only one exported list – Attended, with participants.

Now you can adjust follow-up communication to each group.

And make it more personalized

Questions? Just ask!

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