google analytics

Know more. Google Analytics will collect valuable data on your audiences’ behaviour.

Track your audiences’ behaviour with Google Analytics – from your registration form, through the waiting room, to the thank-you page. It will help you in improving your webinar performance.

Google Analytics tracking code will be implemented on all of your ClickMeeting pages:

  •  Profile page
  •  Registration form
  •  Login page
  •  Waiting room
  •  Thank-you page

Track all webinar processes to know more about prospect registrants, actual registrants and attendees. You can also measure the traffic sources, and visitor data such as their device and location. All this information will be automatically collected in your Google Analytics account.

Use our unique guide to learn how to integrate your ClickMeeting account with Google Analytics.

How does it work?

Select Account Settings in the upper right corner of your account panel.

Enter the Integrations tab, select Google Analytics integration from the Analytics and remarketing list, paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID and click Connect. Double check whether the code you pasted is correct.

The integration is enabled so you can start collecting webinar data and measure your performance easily.

This integration is available for all pricing plans.

Under certain laws, especially in the European Economic Area and the UK, the use of this feature requires that you are responsible for providing certain privacy notices to and/or obtaining legally valid consents from end users. Read more.

Now, keep your eye on the obtained data and adjust your strategy!

With such insight, it’s really easy

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