facebook pixel

Get more data. Track your attendees with Facebook Pixel and target them effectively with Facebook remarketing ads.

Facebook Pixel will provide you with more information about your audience’s actions on ClickMeeting pages. Use that to run more effective remarketing campaigns.



Facebook Pixel tracking code will be implemented on all of your ClickMeeting pages:

  • Profile page
  • Registration form
  • Login page
  • Waiting room
  • Thank-you page

How does it work?

Select Account Settings in the upper right corner of your account panel.

Enter the Integrations tab, select Facebook Pixel, enter your Facebook Pixel ID and click Connect.

This integration is available for all pricing plans.

Under certain laws, especially in the European Economic Area and the UK, the use of this feature requires that you are responsible for providing certain privacy notices to and/or obtaining legally valid consents from end users. Read more.

Start collecting data and make your Facebook campaigns more effective!

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